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Ronin EMS Ambulance Service is Now Available in Iloilo City!

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"Indi na magkakulba kung may Medical Emergency sa balay o sa barangay mo kay pwede na kamu katawag sa ALS Ambulance Service insigida".

Iloilo Mayor Jerry Treñas Welcomes Ronin EMS: Your Guide to 24/7 Advanced Life Support Services in the 2024 Dinagyang Festivity

In January 2024, Mayor Jerry Treñas of Iloilo City warmly welcomed Ronin EMS Iloilo as an official participant in the 2024 Iloilo Dinagyang Festivity. Ronin EMS, an esteemed membership club, offers 24/7 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance Emergency Services. Residents of both Iloilo City and Pavia can access these crucial services by paying an annual fee of Php2,000.

Subscribe now and our professional ambulance service will be at your disposal at all times within Iloilo City & Municipality of Pavia

Elevate your safety and well-being with a subscription to our state-of-the-art ALS Ambulance Service in Iloilo City & Municipality of Pavia.

Experience the assurance of prompt and expert emergency response, supported by advanced life-saving capabilities. Our committed team is equipped to deliver swift and efficient care in critical situations.

Don't leave your health to chance; prioritize peace of mind by subscribing to our service. With our dedication to unparalleled care, we guarantee a rapid and effective response when every second counts. Your safety is our unwavering commitment.

Our ALS Ambulance Service operates 24/7 to prioritize your safety.

Join our membership, and our services will be accessible at any time in Iloilo City & Pavia.

Advantage of Ronin EMS

The superiority of a prompt-response ALS Ambulance Service lies in its capacity to administer immediate, advanced life support interventions. This capability significantly augments the likelihood of positive patient outcomes in critical emergencies.

"Indi na kinanglan ang tricycle or taxi kay insigida may masugat nga ambulance sa patient mo basi indi na sya maka-abot sa hospital due to traffic congestion".

The advantage of a trained Emergency Management Team (EMT) lies in its ability to respond to emergencies with efficiency and effectiveness, thereby minimizing potential risks and ensuring the safety of individuals and communities. A well-trained EMT possesses the capability to assess, plan, and execute coordinated responses, resulting in quicker and more organized interventions. This proficiency ultimately contributes to saving lives and mitigating the impact of crises.

Ronin Emergency Medical / Ambulance Service is the 911 of Iloilo City


Choosing NOT to subscribe to a dependable Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance service poses the risk of encountering delays in receiving crucial, life-saving care during emergencies. The absence of timely access to advanced medical interventions, delivered by skilled Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) in an ALS ambulance, elevates the potential for exacerbated health outcomes, prolonged suffering, and an increased likelihood of complications. Subscribing to ALS Ambulance services serves as a proactive measure to mitigate these risks, ensuring a swift and professional emergency medical response precisely when it is needed the most.

"Masmadasig kung naka-ambulance kay bisan traffic pwede lang ya kalusot-lusot ang ambulance"

Advanced Life Support Expertise:

"Masmayo kung magsubscribe ka para sa masakiton mo nga pamilya kay instead nga magbayad ka
₱10,000 sa ambulance rental, ₱2,000 na lang gid ang imo fee kag sa 1 na ka-tuig."

Embark on a subscription that grants you exclusive access to a team of exceptionally trained paramedics and cutting-edge medical equipment. When faced with emergencies demanding advanced life support interventions, the presence of adept professionals can be the determining factor. Subscribing guarantees that you receive the pinnacle of care, with proficient experts prepared to deploy advanced medical procedures precisely tailored to your specific needs. Choose assurance and excellence in critical moments – choose our subscription for unparalleled peace of mind.

Unlimited Emergency Ambulance Service Runs

Health uncertainties don't follow a schedule. With our subscription, revel in the confidence of unlimited ambulance runs throughout the year, granting you continuous access to our ALS Ambulance Service around the clock. Whether it's day or night, weekdays or weekends, subscribing ensures that you're safeguarded at all times, promising comprehensive care whenever you require it. Your well-being is our priority, 24/7.

"Kung naka-subscribe ka Ronin EMS, at any time 24/7 kami nagabantay sang alert halin sa pamilya mo para maghatag sang "first aid" kag emergency transport pakadto sa hospital sa madasig nga pamaagi."

Our Service is to serve YOU!

We're here for you. Providing the care you deserve. It delves to our commitment to serve you at the utmost level of dedication and compassion.

"We're here for you" signifies our unwavering presence and readiness to respond to your needs, especially during critical moments.

Providing you the care you deserve reinforces our pledge to offer nothing less than exceptional care.

₱6,000 ₱2,000 only for 1-year subscription with unlimited EMERGENCY Ambulance Runs.

💥💥💥IMPORTANCE OF THE ALS Ambulance Service Subscription

I have a true story for you about Tita Nena. She is the mother of my best friend, Boyet.

One day, when Tito Beboy went home from overseas work, the family decided to buy a New Car and they shopped at the SM City in Iloilo City thereafter.

When they got home that day, Tita Nena felt that she was very tired and sleepy, and she had a headache.

Boyet and his family decided to let her rest for awhile as they prepared their dinner.

Upon waking Tita Nena for dinner, they observed that she was not responding.

They immediately brought her to the hospital, but she was already in a coma condition.

The Emergency Room doctor told them that they should brought Tita Nena to the hospital when she expressed

her concerns because those were already symptoms of aneurysm.

They never had any thought that it was the last day of Tita Nena.

Even though they have their own new car, it did not help them save Boyet's mother.

If Ronin EMS was already operating that time and they managed to subscribe, they could have

could the hotline number to ask for a medical advice and Tita Nena should have been saved for sure.

The lesson of the story is that everybody is not an expert medical professional and the

act of subscribing to the Medical Experts is significant to sustaining lives.

(Note: The names of the characters are changed to protect the privacy of the family.)

Our Recommendation

If you have a family member who is sick and most likely to be rushed to the hospital,

you should not think twice of convincing the patient or the family to subscribe to Ronin EMS.

Patients with severe hypertension and even those who undergo dialysis treatments are

prone to emergencies. Have them subscribed make them feel secured and loved.

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